Jen L.

Pizza Oliva has restored my appetite for pizza! It's three layers of delectable, calorie-worthy goodness.
Their crust is perfect: crunchy yet doughy, with a hint of sweetness.
The sauce is a wonderfully balanced blend of spices, none too overpowering, not too sweet, not too acidic.
And HOLY CRAP, where do they get that cheese?!?! It's incredible!
For years I have indulged (albeit a bit begrudgingly) my children's penchant for Hawaiian pizza. Now, thanks to Pizza Oliva, the Hawaiian is my new favorite. The Canadian bacon is incredible.
Who knew pizza could be this good?

Kristy B.

Awesome pizza! You can get 2 medium one topping pizza's for $20 + tax. Their pizza has a great taste! And fresh toppings!

Tom B.

Pizza Oliva is the best place in the area. My family and I often call for deliveries. The drivers are always polite and friendly. Many of my friends and neighbors are regular customers. Pizza Oliva has been open since 2002 and they have a good name in the community. We have tried other places but none of them match up.

Kerry R.

Great pizza, very quick delivery. Their ingredients seems so fresh compared to the chains and they pretty much always have coupons. When I try to redeem a coupon, the response is usually, 'no problem, save it for next time!'. Love that!